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Our outstanding one-day Advanced DSE Assessor training course provides the skills and knowledge needed to complete assessments outside of the scope of a standard DSE assessment.

Delivered by our expert trainers who are qualified and experienced physiotherapists with expertise in ergonomics, the Advanced DSE Assessor training course will take your skills to a new level.


On completion of our course, you can expect:

  • To be able to apply relevant legislation and codes of practice in UK law.
  • To be able to carry out effective Advanced DSE assessments, correcting problems immediately or recording actions required and assessing priority for later rectification.
  • To identify any equipment/actions required and understand the wide range of equipment and solutions available to suit individual requirements.
  • To take accurate anthropometric measurements.
  • To know how to make a suitable recommendation for a specific chair based on user requirements.
  • Be able to carry out effective assessments remotely.
  • To understand the additional needs of homeworkers.
  • Know when to seek specialist advice/assessors.


This course is suitable for anyone who already has experience of carrying out DSE/workstation assessments.


CIEHF Accredited

CPD Certified

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Advanced DSE Assessor
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