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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

This Green Belt training teach you how to lead successful projects (using DMAIC) and develop your problem-solving skills.

The course spans 4 days where you learn to use the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) project method through practical exercises.


Target Audience:

This course is for those who:

  • Wish to improve operational performance.
  • Need to carry out targeted improvement projects.
  • Are project leaders for improvement projects.
  • Are project participants in improvement projects.
  • Work in improvement efforts, quality, environment, and sustainability.


Learning Objectives

You will learn to conduct successful improvement projects:

  • Identify opportunities and select the right project.
  • Define and understand the problem to be solved.
  • Understand the current situation through measurement and process mapping.
  • Analyze the process and prove root causes.
  • Improve the process by presenting possible solutions, evaluating them, implementing the best, and verifying their effectiveness.
  • Achieve lasting results with good control of the new process.


Key Topics:

The course teaches you methods and tools for the successful implementation of improvement projects with DMAIC.

  • Roles and responsibilities in improvement projects
  • How to define and delineate improvement projects?
  • How to create a solid problem statement and set the right focus?
  • How to make the problem measurable and set measurable goals?
  • How to describe the project benefits?
  • How to ensure optimal communication with project stakeholders?
  • How to visualize cause and effect relationships?
  • How to use data and process maps to understand cause and effect relationships?
  • How to analyze risk?
  • How to prioritize and choose solutions for the short and long term?
  • How to ensure lasting improvement?
  • How to reuse project results?


Tools & Methods:

  • DMAIC, A3 & 8D problem-solving
  • Roadmap
  • Storyboard
  • Project charter
  • Problem description
  • Business case
  • Progress plan
  • Thought map
  • Brainstorming / Brainwriting
  • CTQ tree (Mapping of customer requirements)
  • Operational Definition
  • Communication plan
  • Context diagram
  • Representative data collection
  • Descriptive statistics (centering and variation)
  • Measurement System Evaluation (MSE)
  • Fishbone diagram
  • 5 Whys
  • Process variable mapping
  • Value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Spaghetti diagram
  • Flow diagram / process map
  • Function flow diagram / Swimlane
  • FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
  • Risk matrix
  • Prioritization matrix
  • PICK matrix
  • Multivoting
  • Proving root causes
  • Histogram
  • Run Chart
  • Control chart (SPC)
  • Capability study
  • Pareto chart
  • Box Plot
  • Scatter plot
  • Correlation and regression
  • Workplace organization using 5S
  • Visual management
  • Standardization and One-Point Lessons (OPLs)
  • Reduce changeovertime using SMED
  • Work cell
  • One-piece flow
  • Takt and balance
  • Flexible staffing
  • Pull and Kanban
  • Error proofing

Some of the methods and tools are described in detail, others at an introductory level.


Course Instructor:

Course instructor Sissel Pedersen Lundeby is IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) accredited (the only one in Norway as of June 2024):

"This accreditation publicly reflects that you have met the standards established by IASSC such that those who participate in a training program led by you can expect to receive an acceptable level of knowledge transfer consistent with the Lean Six Sigma belt Bodies of Knowledge as established by IASSC." 

Sissel has a master in chemical engineering from NTNU, and has more than 20 years of experience within manufacturing and environmental technology. Her Lean Six Sigma training started in 2002, while working at an American company, where she was certified as a Black Belt in 2004. In 2017, she also became Black Belt certified through IASSC.

Sissel has extensive experience using Lean Six Sigma for improvements, process- and product development. She focuses on creating measurable results. The courses use practical, recognizable examples and convey Lean Six Sigma in a simple, understandable way.   


Feedback for the Instructor

"Inspiring, skilled, and makes a theoretical subject approachable."

Espen Fjeld, Commercial Director at Berendsen

"Very skilled and clear presentation. Fun and creates trust."

Jon Sørensen, Production Manager at Berendsen

"10/10 great at reaching everyone."

Erlend Stene, Sales Manager at Berendsen

"Clear and well presented. Good at checking for understanding."

Morten Bodding, Production Manager at Berendsen

"Made a difference, engaged and skilled."

Course participant from EWOS

"You are inspiring, positive, and skilled in your field."

Course participant from EWOS

"I was very impressed with Sissel's Lean Six Sigma knowledge. She makes it easy to identify improvements and create results."

Daryl Powell, Sintef Manufacturing


Diploma and Certification:

Certificate of Completion: To receive a certificate of completion, you must have attended at least 3 out of 4 course days.

Certification:To be certified, participation in accordance with the requirements for a certificate of completion (above) as well as approved execution of an improvement project within 12 months after the course ends is required. The project is considered approved if the project owner has approved the project and Lean Tech has approved the approach, tool use, and documentation.


Practical Information:

The course is arranged on request from companies. Open courses are scheduled according to the course calendar.

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation that you have been accepted, practical information, and an invitation to the course days.

To get the most out of the course, we recommend that you carry out an improvement project. This is a requirement to become certified.

You will receive a copy of the presented material and templates that help you with the practical implementation of the improvement project.


Courses are normally arranged at SNØ in Løresnkog, see relevant course for details.

Company courses can be set up on request (virtual or physical). 




4 days




To become certified Green Belt you need to complete an approved improvement project within 12 months after the course end.

The project is considered approved if the project owner has approved the project and Lean Tech has approved the approach, tool usage and documentation.

Target audience

For those who want to lead successful projects (using DMAIC) and develop their problem-solving skills.

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