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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

This Black Belt course teach you how to lead and support others. You learn to communicate and influence people at all levels to manage change, and you learn statistical and graphical analyzes.


Lean Techs partner GoLeanSixSigma delivers this Black Belt course (48 h). 

GoLeanSixSigmas Green Belt certification is a requirement.  

The course provides 154 PDUs at Project Management Institutes (PMI) and 15.4 CEUs by International Certification Standard IACET.

This course enables you to:

  • Become a driving force for improvement work in your organization
  • Manage multiple projects and ensure their alignment to meet organizational goals
  • Coach Green Belts to complete successful projects that deliver significant, sustainable results
  • Communicate + influence people at all levels of your organization to manage change effectively
  • Understand the why, what and how of statistical analysis tools
  • Become a better leader 

Course content


  • Black Belt training
    • Road map to Black Belt certification
    • Black Belt as coach
    • PDCA (Plan Do Check Adjust)
  • Project selection
    • Strategic alignment 
    • Project selection facilitation 
  • Build leadership skills
    • Purpose and Project work
    • Influence Strategies
    • Facilitation of High-Performing Teams

Define phase - understand problem

  • Conduct Process Walks
  • Strengthen Leadership Skills
    • Coaching
    • Influence
    • Ownership
    • Facilitation
    • Efficient meetings
  • Black Belt Project Storyboard
    • VOC
    • High-level map
    • Process walks
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Communication plan

Measure phase - map current situation

  • Lay statistical groundwork
  • Test your measurement system
  • Sample the data
  • Assess Process capability
  • Strengthen leadership skills 
  • Black Belt Project Storyboard
    • Data collection plan 
    • Operational definitions
    • Measurement evaluation
    • Graphic displays
    • Quality cost - COPQ
    • Matrixes 

Analyze phase - prove root causes

  • Test hypotheses
  • Test discrete data 
  • Test continuous normal data
  • Test continuous non-normal data 
  • Test correlation 
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Black Belt Project Storyboard
    • Fishbone Diagram & 5 Why
    • Hypothesis testing plan
    • Root Cause Hypothesis Worksheet
    • Graphical displays
    • Value & Cycle time analysis
    • Value stream map

Improve phase - solve root causes

  • Design of Experiments
    • One factor at a time
    • Full Factorial
    • Fractional Factorial
  • Strengthen leadership skills 
  • Black Belt Project Storyboard
    • Impact Effort Matrix
    • Weighted Criteria Matrix
    • Workplace Layout & 5S
    • Cross training plan
    • Future state map
    • Pilot & FMEA
    • Implementation plan
    • Graphical display
    • Stakeholders-Analysis

Control phase - create lasting results

  • Select Control Charts
    • I & MR Chart
    • X-Bar &  Range Chart
    • X-Bar & Standard Deviation Chart
    • P Chart
    • nNP Chart
    • C Chart
    • U Chart
  • Visual Management
  • Strengthen leadership skills 
  • Black Belt Project Storyboard
    • Monitoring & Response plan
    • Control Charts


Online Training

GoLeanSixSigma delivers online training developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants and trainers with broad international experience. GoLeanSixSigma has helped Amazon, Charles Schwab, BP, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and other leading organizations save hundreds of millions of dollars with Lean Six Sigma.

GoLeanSixSigma's learning methods focus on practical application, not just "knowing the concepts and tools" - enabling course participants to start using Lean Six Sigma right away.

> 220,000 participants from 220 countries have participated so far. They have given the training the highest score.

Participants describe the courses as fun, accessible, affordable, practical, easy to understand and effective.


To become certified Black Belt, you must pass the 185-question exam. The content is divided into 6 sections (Introduction, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) and you must answer 80% of the questions within each section correctly. You have 6 hours to complete the exam and unlimited number of attempts. 

Black Belt certification requires you to complete a work-based project within 4 months of completing the exam. You will present your Project Storyboard to GoLeanSixSigma.

Within 5 months after completing your exam you must submit an article summarizing your Project Storyboard or a deep dive into concept/tools (1000-2000 words).

The certification is valid for 4 years. Cost of re-certification is 499$ (You need to pass recertification exam and submit a new Black Belt project).




Green Belt certification from GoLeanSixSigma or Lean Tech is an requirement.


48 hours


The course provides 154 PDUs at Project Management Institutes (PMI) and 15.4 CEUs by International Certification Standard IACET.


Within 5 months after completing your exam you must submit an article summarizing your Project Storyboard or a deep dive into concept/tools (1000-2000 words).

Target audience

For those who want to guide others in Lean Six Sigma and develop their leadership skills.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course
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