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Green Belt Basic Six Sigma (e-learning). 

This animated eLearning course describes methods and tools for successful execution of improvement projects using practical Six Sigma.

The course is 3-4 hours and you have access to the course for 1 year.


Provider of the e-learning

Lean Tech is parter with Aksena, who deliveres this e-learning. 

Aksena has extensive experience with systematic improvement work, and has the ability to adapt theories to business needs.

Their training is based on research and best practice to provide you a better understanding of how to achieve great results.

This e-learning describes roles, methods and tools for successful execution of improvement projects. Adaptations of Six Sigmas DMAIC makes it suitable for all types of improvement projects. 

Aksena's animated e-learning is, in our opinion, the best on the market. Our argument for this is the quality and length of the videoes: They manage to convey a comprehensive subject in a short and precise way.

Their e-learning includes: 

  • Gren Belt Basic Six Sigma (this training)
  • Green Belt Basic Lean (Lean and common structures for operational control and continuous improvement)
  • Improvement tools (a library of stand-alone, easy to use improvement tools for effective planning and execution of improvement workshops and activities)  

Practical examples and templates make it easy to get started yourself. If you need a repetition, you can watch the video again. 


Course content:


  • Introduction to Six Sigma as a central mechanism in a strategic business improvement system.
  • Overall description of the Six Sigma method DMIAC. 
  • Introduction to the documents roadmap, storyboard and project charter. 
  • Guidelines for good problem descriptions. 
  • High-level process mapping with SIPOC. 
  • Mapping customer needs and requirements with Voice of the Customer and CTQ-tree. 
  • Brainwriting. 
  • Fishbone diagram as visual support in mapping root causes. 
  • Introduction to process mapping to strengthen assumptions about causal relationships. 
  • Applying 5 Whys when mapping root causes. 
  • Introduction to data analysis to strengthen assumptions about causal relationships. 
  • The tools histogram, pareto chart and control chart are introduced. 
  • Tools for assessing risks in solutions. 
  • Prioritization tools for choosing solutions. 
  • Important tools and activities for documenting improved performance and ensure sustainability of the solutions.


Kurset inkluderer:

  • 9 Chapters 
  • 20 Videos 
  • 5 Knowledge checks 
  • 5 PDF 
  • 1 eBook 
  • 1 Exam 
  • 1 Certification



Kurset inkluderer 40 multiple choice spørsmål (ubegrenset antall forsøk), og gir sertifisering ved 75% riktige svar.







3-4 hours





Target audience

For those who want to lead successful improvement projects using Six Sigma's DMAIC method.

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Green Belt Basic Six Sigma (e-learning)
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