Workshop: Workshop SE 2.0 2024

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Discover the Path from University to Norway’s Thriving Space Industry and Ignite Your Space Career

The space industry in Norway is experiencing rapid growth, and it requires individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. We cordially invite you to participate in a workshop that delves into the transition from university studies to a future career within the space sector.

In Norway, several student organizations and other initiatives enhance the offerings from universities by providing experiences that closely mirror the professional environment. Some of these even evolve into promising startups, which swiftly establish themselves as significant players in the national space sector.

During our panel debate, we will feature representatives from these various institutions. They will share their insights on how to forge a successful future in the space industry. Importantly, you don’t necessarily need an extensive space-related background to thrive in this field. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with space professionals and fellow students, potentially kickstarting your future network.

This workshop is part of the Space Education 2.0 project, organized by Andøya Space Education in collaboration with NTNU, the University of Oslo, and UiT the Arctic University of Norway. It is open to students currently enrolled at Norwegian universities. All workshop applications will undergo review by a selection committee before approval.

Apply for the workshop and you get to meet and discuss with companies like the Norwegian Space Agency, Andøya Spaceport, ESA BIC Norway, Iceye, Isar Aerospace, PLD Space, Tycho, Eagle AI, and Solstorm.

You will gain increased knowledge of

  • Norway as Space Nation.
  • Norway’s new Spaceport.
  • How ESA can help to build your company.
  • Students’ organizations as an important step to move from Academia to the space sector.
  • New startups in Norway and how they have completed their path into the space industry.
  • How consolidated space companies have completed their path into the space industry.



The workshop is held in the conference room of the hotel Scandic Nidelven, located at Havnegata 1-3, Trondheim

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